Curator’s Office

I was born at the turn of the century, in a little attic flat above a small curio shop selling medieval knitting equipment. At the age of three I showed my natural abilities in the high tech world of information technology when I helped Thomas Edison with the invention of the lava lamp.

On my fourteenth birthday I called Giorgio Armani to tell him I have to give up my supermodel lifestyle as I had been asked to head the newly created super conductor research department at MIT. The first research paper was published a year later demonstrating how a ZX81 dipped in liquid hydrogen could calculate an incredible 3.6 sums a minute.

While at MIT, I fell in love with the most perfect individual in the world. Her smile intoxicated me, her body captured me. I knew this would be my idea partner for life.

After she dropped me I met – (please read previous sentence again) – we were married on a blindingly white beach in Jamaica.

Forty Three years later I am still happily married, and will be until my lawyer can find an escape route. I was head hunted from MIT by NASA. It was the sixties and the space race was at its peak. I toiled day and night to get the first man into space. My pride was filled to over flowing when I succeeded, Yuri Gagarin was as pleased as I was but NASA was not so happy about my efforts.

After a very public break-up with the space administration I started work as a senior consultant for a very large technology group. I cannot say the name but if I say ‘it’s run by the speccy four-eyed git’, you should be able to guess.

Because of my workaholic nature, I find it difficult to relax for a moment and my jet-set life style prohibits me from working in my museum as much as I would like.

Please enjoy my web-site and e-mail me if you would like information, you never know I may find time in my schedule to reply.